Merah spelt backwards is ‘harem’, from Arabic harlm (sanctuary) and haram (something forbidden).

The harem was a section of the palace where the women of the palace lived. 
Contrary to popular belief, the harem is not a brothel.

Harem spelt backwards is merah or the colour red in Bahasa Malaysia;

a colour which is symbolic of love, power, beauty, vigour, lust etc.

The colour red is also intrinsically linked to sensuality and its throes of passion and intimacy.

Being entirely women-led, MERAH HAREM hopes to provide an inclusive space

for women to embrace their inner femininity and exude their sexuality to the world.


MERAH HAREM is a Malaysia-based lingerie and underwear webshop.
We are also a sex education digital resource.

Contact us here or email merahharem69@gmail.com.